India - Assam

Rainer Klinner: 

Lamare grew up as a sponsor child from KHW in Bangladesh. His childlike trust in God has always touched and refreshed me. 

Jesus gave him the gift of evangelism. Wherever he is, he naturally speaks of his Savior and Lord Jesus Christ – and God confirms his testimony. People come to believe.



Greetings to you, brothers and sisters in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I hope you all are fine by the Grace of our Almighty God. 

Here are some photos to share and show how God has blessed us in the midst of the Pandemic. People became Christians and got baptized in October. Also in October there was a Youth Seminar in Church of God Mission Centre where children, Youth and even elders were gathered together in the service and we were blessed in this program... 

There is a new Church building which is almost completed. Due to shortage of money we have to wait and pray that God will bless us to complete this church soon. 

Please continue to pray for us that God will bless his Ministry. 

Thank you, your brother M. Lamare