Dear bothers and sister, dear friends,

First of all I want to say thank you in the name of the whole Team and churches in the Ukraine and Russia and all the sponsor children.

You have been supporting this missionary work as much as you can for years.

So this year we got to visit all the churches in the Ukraine.

We celebrated church services, conference for pastors and the staff, inauguration from the church building in Sawodskoje, many encounters with the sponsor children from KHW, visiting sick people, baptism, …

We have inaugurated the church building but we are currently in the process of completing the rooms for children and youth.

The work will take a few more months.

We bought most of the building materials precautionary.

In the meantime, prices have risen by 30%.

Thank you so much for all your prayers.

Warm Greetings,

Walentin an Irma Schüle