Brazil: Colorful and different

The 5th largest country in the world is diverse in culture, races and nature. If you try to describe a typical Brazilian, you immediately realize how difficult it is. People with African roots have mixed up with people of European or Asian origin. The result affects cultural wealth, but also creates problems. Very different social classes have emerged, there are great differences between rich and poor.
Our contacts in the country are just as diverse. The church of God is represented in all regions. The Global Care children's aid organization has set up and promoted children's homes, schools and vocational schools in southern and northern Brazil.

We have our most intense connection at the moment through the Argentine missionary couple Sergio & Melodie Patzer, who have been working in northern Brazil since 2017. In the south we maintain a close relationship with the Church of God in Rondon, Paraná, which has been sending young people to the Fritzlar Christian Educational Center for decades.

Are you interested in church and missionary work in Brazil? ... then you are right here on this page. Here you can get depth information about projects and trips.

Sergio und Melodie Patzer

The two native Argentines completed their theological training in Fritzlar and worked as pastors in Gronau (Westphalia) and Neustadt / Weinstrasse. They have been in Brazil since 2017. They arouse interest in Jesus and his message in people with art projects. They support local churches, including the Bible school in Itaituba, Pará. They currently live in Santarém.


Melodie und Sergio Patzer



Church of God in Marechal Cândido Rondon


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